Green Algaecides

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Use Algae-X™ as an economical, all purpose algaecide.


Algimycin® 600
Wipes out green algae. Helps clear water of dead and living algae.


Algimycin® 2000
Algimycin 2000 is a powerful all-purpose algaecide.

Strike Out®
No waiting to swim - treated water can be used immediately.


Pooltrine 50
Effective against green, blue/green, mustard and black algae.


Robacide 30
May reduce amount of chlorine chemicals normally required.

Robacide 60
Robacide 60 controls multiple types of algae.


Super Algi-Gon®
Super Algi-Gone will treat 60,000 gallons of pool water.


Kills green and mustard algae.

Concentrated Algae Kill $27.99
Algae Kill Concentrate is a 7.41% Copper Algaecide.


Algae Control 60
Works well in pools with attached spas.


Algae Control 50
A 50-percent strength algaecide.

Algae Prevention & Remover
Controls all types of algae up to 3 months.