Black Algaecides

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Use Algae-X™ as an economical, all purpose algaecide.


Black Algaetrine®
Contains 3.07% active copper that won't upset water balance.


Algimycin® 2000
Algimycin 2000 is a powerful all-purpose algaecide.

Robacide 60
Robacide 60 controls multiple types of algae.


Black Robacide
Patented formula kills black algae and prevents other algae


Robacide 30
May reduce amount of chlorine chemicals normally required.

Concentrated Algae Kill $27.99
Algae Kill Concentrate is a 7.41% Copper Algaecide.


Algae Control 60
Works well in pools with attached spas.


Algae Control 50
A 50-percent strength algaecide.

Algae Prevention & Remover
Controls all types of algae up to 3 months.


Black Treat
Kill Black Algae Quickly and Effectively.